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storytelling for business

Over 15 years delivering professional social business support and advice;

First hand experience of running a social business;

In depth understanding of the public sector & stakeholder engagement;

ILM5 - Social Enterprise Support

I have the tools to help you resolve and overcome the things that are holding you back !

Socially motivated businesses, Social Enterprises, Charities, or 'Not for Profits', have some of the most powerful stories you can find. The problem is they seldom understand how to make those stories work for them.

Everything an organisation does, from the way it operates, to how it engages with stakeholders, to the way it responds in difficult times, creates a story. When you begin to pay attention to the emerging stories, you can see what makes such organisations so special. However, the stories can also reveal what is limiting the organisation and how things could be improved. Through my extensive experience in storytelling and business advice, I can help you recognise, understand and find solutions to improve the health, resilience and sustainability of your organisation.

From presentations to workshops, direct development support and mentoring, I can help you address a wide range of issues including:

Diagnostic assessments & Trouble shooting
Strategic Visioning
Business planning
Theory of Change
Social Impact

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