Video Stories

Please keep in mind that a recorded story is not the same as a story told live and in front of you. However I know people love them none the less and it will give you a flavour for what I can offer. A broad range of stories are shared here and please let me know if you enjoy them.

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The Shee Well 

This story was recorded live in audio only and later put to images. This was an exceptional experience, an international collaboration with me sharing stories from my home in Wales, and accompanied by improvised music from award winning musician Tze Toh in Singapore! Together, story and music carry a powerful message for our times.

(Approx 10 mins - delivered for adult audience but content is suitable for families)

The Three Unlikely Friends:
An adaptation from a traditional Indian tale that explains how the image of a hare can be seen upon the moon. A story suitable for all ages, it extols the virtues of cooperation, collaboration, compromise and self sacrifice.
(approx 7 mins)

The Lost Horse:

A short and well known folk tale from China that reveals good luck and bad luck are not always what they seem to be. Family friendly.
(approx - 4mins)

The Nightingale:

Based on the story by Hans Christian Andersen, a wonderful family friendly story with many interpretations. For this one I chose to focus on the power of Nature. A scenic recording told in the wild woods near my home
(approx 20 mins )

The Emperor's Dream:

Based on the Dream of Macsen Wledig from the Mabinogion, a fun child friendly story on what it takes to follow your dreams.
(approx 13 mins)

Ostara and the White Hare:

A wonderful seasonal tale for spring and Easter that reveals the origin of the Easter Bunny and why it is associated with eggs. One of my favourites and a great story for all the family.
(approx 15 mins)

The Wisdom of Rice:

Based on a Taoist parable that encourages reflection on how our thoughts can influence our happiness. Family friendly story although the deeper message might be lost on little ones.
(approx 9 mins)

Festive storytelling and live Broadcasts

The Great Forest and the Fir Tree:

A Live broadcast via Instagram of the Christmas story I created back in 2012. (Original recording at the bottom of the).

(2 minute intro - story approx 19 min)

Live Broadcast 

In response to the rising anxiety around Coronoa Virus, I piloted this live broadcast via Zoom 3 days before the UK lockdown in 2020. I wanted to offer some escape through stories.
2 stories featured (family friendly).
(approx 30 mins)

The Great Forest and the Fir Tree:

The original 2012 recording of a special Christmas story I created, inspired by a reference to the beliefs of our ancestors regarding the evergreen nature of the fir tree. 
(approx 14 mins)


A recorded live broadcast done as an experiment many years ago, (hence the very poor picture and sound quality). This is another Christmas story that I created by drawing together some traditional Welsh beliefs and customs associated with the season. Like all Christmas tales there is some darkness, but as a guide, no darker than Dickens' A Christmas Carol.
(approx 35 mins)

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