Gethin's Harvest  

 The festival known as Halloween has much older roots. In this original storytelling performance, Carl draws upon the ancient beliefs, traditions and stories associated with the festival of Samhain. 

Gethin's Harvest - storyteller carl gough

Weaving together traditional tales and concepts, prepare to discover the true meaning of this celebration and messages which are still as relevant today as they were to our ancestors.

The lessons of death can be hard and for Gethin, the death of his wife hit him hard. He has become a shadow of his former self. A chain of events is set in motion that unwittingly leads him into the world beyond the veil, where he faces an epic struggle against himself. 

On his journey, the stories he is told resonate within him to reveal a choice between  the past and the future. He will come to understand that only through death can he reclaim his life, but what will he choose?

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