Myth and true story collide, 
the end is the beginning,
and a choice will have to be made!

Funded by Arts Council Wales, and now available for bookings.

Also available through the Noson Allan / Night Out Scheme

Nexus received a rapturous response when it premiered at Beyond the Border International Storytelling Festival in 2023 and is now on tour and available for booking at venues large and small. 

"From the chaos of lock-down a story emerges. Stories within stories lead from rural Wales to sub-tropical Florida, where unrelated events connect to reveal the greatest of consequences from the smallest of actions."

Described by some audiences as a new form of storytelling, Nexus blends myth, personal and historical narratives. From a Daoist creation myth of chaos, we jump into the true-life experience of covid. A journey through lock-down leads to a passing comment that reveals a story, transporting you to the wilderness of the Florida Everglades. Skipping through time you will encounter the vivid true life stories that saved this truly unique ecosystem from total destruction; a performance where truth really is stranger than fiction! 

The show is an exploration, a convergence where everything is connected to everything else and the more you look the more you find. A performance which holds a mirror up to our current times, revealing solutions from our past and encouraging us to see the power we are gifted through a simple choice – to do something or do nothing.

Age advisory – 16+
Approx Runtime – 1 hr

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The development of this show inspired an experiential workshop called 'Finding your Nexus" which can be booked as a separate event or as a combined package including this performance .


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