For anyone working with story;

Impactful Storytelling in a time of Ecological Upheaval

Like picking at the thread of a woollen jumper, I began to tease out a few thoughts about my storytelling and the environmental crisis, trying to apply the concept of a theory of change to my practice. Writing those thoughts down and exploring these ideas with others, I wasn't prepared for what would result. This short e-book was the result of those thoughts. 

Whether you are an author, journalist, blogger, documentary maker, painter, photographer, YouTuber, Tweeter etc.'
Stories surround us.
They reflect us.
They mould us.

Becoming more aware of the stories we are sharing (including the unintentional ones) is a vital step in creating change. In reading these musings, you may discover insights of your own and I'd encourage you to share them because collectively, if we help each other, we CAN make a difference!

The choices before us are stark:
'Do Nothing' or 'Do Something' ... Welcome to my 'Something,' I hope you find it useful on your journey.

The full document provides greater clarity and insight on the subjects explored,
but following requests for a shorter 'aide-memoire' a 3 page clip note version is also available below:


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