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The First Rose

Posted by Carl Gough on Wednesday, May 12, 2021 Under: Flora and Fauna

The First Rose

The humble Primrose (Primula vulgaris) is looking its finest right now. They love wooded places, hedgerows and embankments but be warned, they are also associated with doorways to the fairy realm.

Wherever you find them growing, tread carefully, for the fair folk are most certainly watching and judging you! Be respectful as you pass by and you might be granted good luck, but upset or anger them and bad luck will surely follow!

Our relationship with the Primrose goes way back. At one time they catered for a myriad of our medicinal and magical needs, soothing pain, healing wounds or protecting us from malevolent spirits. Today their bright beauty calls out in dull grey woods that are slowly stirring from Winter's slumber, revealing how they got their name. The first rose or ‘Prima rosa’ in latin, has no botanical relationship to the rose, but none the less, they are a welcome harbinger of better times ahead.

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